Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sadness and Happiness

I meant to write a post before things got so crazy...and then things got prematurely crazy.

This dog...meant the world to me (I am welling up as I type).  My husband, whom I love very much, is not a touchy feeling person, and as I have mentioned numerous times works nights.  I rescued Peanut 6 years ago and it was instant love for both of us.  And I really don't mean love, I mean LOVE.  I could walk into a room and no matter what her sleep level was, she would lift her head to see if I was just walking through or if I was sitting down so she could come join me.

Peanut was an older dog when I got her and in the last 6 months, I started seeing signs that my time with her was drawing to an end.  We had planned (and are currently on) a 2 week vacation to see my in-laws on the Kenai Peninsula and had butted it up to the week that Seth would be attending Scout Camp in Palmer since they had asked me to stay close by since this is everyone's first year dealing with his diabetes.  Meaning I would be gone for 3 weeks.  I made the difficult decision to have Peanut put down before we went on vacation as I didn't feel it would be fair to have her kept in a kennel for that time and then have her put down when I got back.

So, we left for our family vacation:

And when I saw this:

I felt happiness.  I miss the mountains and the ocean.  It makes me so happy.  So that is where we are, enjoying our family time and I am nursing my broken heart.