Friday, January 20, 2012

Our Terms

I came across a diagnosis story today on a blog and this mom shared something that her daughters wise and kind nurse said to them their first evening in the hospital...after my pity post earlier, this quote really jumped out and empowered me:

"He told us that we were beginning a life long journey with diabetes and the sooner we made friends with it, the easier it would be because it is much easier to carry a friend than an enemy."

These words spoke to my heart.  I can't fight this, it's not going to change anything.  There is no cure.  There is only acceptance, after all, what is the alternative? 

So diabetes:  We didn't invite you into our family, but since you are here...we fully accept you in our lives so that we may live with you on OUR TERMS.  You will not hold us back or define us, you will just be another part of our story as we continue to live our extraordinary life.

The Dustins
Living with T1D


  1. Very true words. Despite the challenges and heartaches and times we don't like it, we have to respect diabetes and learn to co-exist. Thanks for posting this!