Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Stronger: SCH

I received the link to this AMAZING video from a friend of ours who has a son at Seattle Children's Hospital.  They've actually been living in Seattle now for 5 years fighting the beast that is Cancer.  My heart breaks for what they have endured, are enduring and will yet endure.  But they are parents, it is what they do.  There is no other option. It is the childrens hope that this video will go viral.  Please share it's message of inspiration with others.  It doesn't matter what beast you are fighting, the message is universal and heartfelt.  These children are stronger than you can imagine.



  1. Wow! This should come with a "Tear Jerker" warning label. I kept thinking, "But by the Grace of God go I."

  2. Hi Becky! Denise sent us over from My Sweet Bean And Her Pod. Welcome to the DOC. Good luck with pumping!!!