Thursday, May 3, 2012

Infusion Change

Monday, I took the day off from work and Mark slept through, Seth and I attended pump training at our local Diabetes Education Center.  We love Cindy the RN there who works with us.  She went over everything with us.  I had done a few of the computer classes before going in and then she monitored me hooking Seth up.  It was a piece of cake and the next 3 days were a dream.  Seriously...I am so sleep deprived now that we are doing a midnight AND a 3 am check to make sure his basal (baseline) rate of insulin is correct, I feel like I am living in a dream.

Seth was very happy, and that's what this is all about.  Every three days, we have to change the infusion set that is in Seths body and put new insulin in the reservoir for his pump.  Today was the 3rd has not been pretty. 

I had the book open and was reading the directions out loud to myself as I did it, it all looked good so I sent Seth off to school.  He personally loved that I had found out to put baby oil on the old infusion site to make for easier removal.  Score one for mom!

Fast forward two hours later, the nurse calls me to say that his BG is 295 (Seths range is 80-150).  Hmm.  So, I find the page in the book that tells us to bolus (give extra insulin) for it and check again in an hour.  We have Seth do this.

An hour later she calls me and says he has come down to 275.  The Diabetes center said that was good, that I probably didn't get all of the air out of the hose.  My instructions were to check him again at lunch in an hour.

He calls at 12:15 and he is 225.  I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself.  I managed the site change AND I troubleshot pretty danged good...WRONG.  At 2:15 I get the call he is 324.  What the what!  Seriously?  So we followed the procedure again and I am feeling extremely relieved that we already had a doctors appointment set up for 4:15 today.

What was really hard is Seth called me when he got home from school and vented/yelled at me that I did this all wrong.  Trying to have broad shoulders and will explain when we are together that this happens and is a small bump in the road on our D journey.  I know we'll get it figured out.  Bed...I just need to crawl into my bed and start the day over, but first I need to set my alarm.

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  1. Those site changes that don't want to 'take' are the worst!! There are times that it takes Bean a good twelve hours to settle into a new pod. Hate those twelve hours, but thankfully they aren't every three days!!!
    Hang in's a process getting all those settings set, but once you get in the grove, it's way easier to tweak things when they pop up.
    Hoping you sleep well, in between checks!! ;)