Sunday, August 12, 2012


Have you ever struggled with where you are?  That's where I am at right now.  REALLY struggling with me and personal (not family) relationships and how they impact my family...and while I am trying to figure it out I have been keeping to myself, it's what I do.  As a mama bear, it is our nature to protect and defend.  But this situation continues to defeat me and I just am at a loss at to how to overcome this continuing the way we have been.  Yet doing something different causes loss and heartache for my I said....STRUGGLING.

My summer is over, I've started back to's always a rough transition from summer to school year.  Especially when the kids are home for 2 weeks while I'm at work getting things ready until their school year starts.


Lost in thought.


  1. Hope you find clarity soon, my friend!

    Sometimes we have to make those hard choices and resolve to pick up the pieces and make something better out of them. Easier said than done!


  2. Struggling is hard and it's draining and it can suck the happiness right out of you. But keep moving forward, keep doing, being and becoming. And Keep the faith, kid!