Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mitzi update

I wish I could say that she is better.  The vet is still hopeful she will get better and we are knee deep in rehab, but we have also ordered a wheel chair for her to get around the house.  :(

This is a video we took of Mitzi yesterday before we started water therapy:

She is still unable to stand up on her own, but she is able to hold her weight for about 5 minutes once we get her up.  She has a hard time on the carpet, but once she gets her feet behind her she can drag herself pretty good.  We don't want her to rub her feet raw though, so we have ordered a wheelchair for her as a temporary solution...cause really, how does a dog tell you she wants a drink of water?

Today was a big day for her, it was her first day on the water treadmill.  The water makes her rear end buoyant and then the vet tech gets in their and simulates walking.  We were thrilled to see that about 4 times during her session she tried to move her hind legs herself....that is excellent!



  1. Such a fighter! Hope the wheelchair helps and that the water therapy continues to help!

  2. Water therapy for pooches. Who knew! Hope she's better soon.