Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Drama Queen

So Leah suffers from the typical youngest child syndrome.  She doesn't think she gets enough attention.  This kind of cracks our family up because she is the neediest of all our children put together. She is definately feeling displaced with the attention her brother has been receiving lately.

This afternoon at work my cell phone rang. I ran from the circulation desk and grabbed it just as it went to voice mail.  I immediately called home to make sure everything was okay.  When Leah answered the phone, I could hear her tearful voice.  Oh no, my mind started racing.  I asked her what was wrong.  She tearfully responded that she needed to talk to me when I got home from work.  I told her I would rather talk to her now as I was worried.  She refused.  So I proceeded to grill her:

Did something happen at school?  Yes.

Are you okay?  I think so.

Is the principal going to be calling me?  I don't think so.

Do I need to call the principal? No.

Did someone do something to you? No.

Did you start your period? NO!

At this point, Leah was tired of being interrogated, so she broke down and told me to just hurry home and to honk when I pulled into the garage so we could talk privately.  What on earth is going on?

I decided it was probably girlie hormonal issues that she didn't want to discuss with her dad and finished out my day.

I got home at 4:45 and pulled into the garage.  My car was so happy to be in a warm garage, it seriously thought I was abusing it parking outside today...but I digress.

Leah came out to the car and I could see tears on her face.  Oh no!  This had to be much worse than I thought.  She gets into the car and covers her face.  I started a little freak out at that point and DEMANDED she tell me what was going on.

She looked up, her eyes sparkling with laughter and said "I got the solo in choir!"

Then why are you crying?

I sprayed water on my eyes, I'm not crying.  I'm excited!!!

OMGADS.  Can you say drama queen?  {Terri are you reading, I'm raising your child!!!} I don't know if I am going to survive raising her.


  1. She was just excited, trying to brighten your day. What's the big deal? :)

  2. Oh my... I'm glad it was good new and not the dreaded PERIOD!