Monday, February 27, 2012


DH is uber close to his family.  This past weekend was a gun show, so his mom and dad made the 12 hour drive up so the guys could go to the gun show and the girls could go do something fun.  This is the first time we have seen family since Seth's diagnosis.  Everyone was excited, because it is always a fun time when Grandma and Grandpa come to town...and this time Grandma and Grandpa brought a surprise for Seth.  His cousin Hunter.  They are very close in age, only a couple of months a part, and true buddies.

Saturday, the guys got up and went to the gun show, girls went and got pedicures so that we didn't clear out the park next week with our icky winter feet once we donned flip flops. 

But...Saturday evening when we had Lasagna (Seth's favorite meal) for dinner (1 cup or 1/12th of a pan = 32 carbs)  I heard this: "Now Seth, just because you CAN have 60 carbs, doesn't mean you HAVE to.  If you have less carbs, you won't need to take as much insulin, and in the long run that will be a lot better for you.  Really you should just be eating the salad."  My mom antennae were at full mast.  I explained that Seth can eat anything he wants, including lasagne, we just have to dose the proper amount of insulin.  I also explained that not eating enough of a balanced diet will cause ketones for Seth...Ketones = not good, it means the body is breaking itself down for energy.  I added the hairy eyebrow for effect and dished my son up, and when he asked for another 1/2 portion of lasagne, I told him yes, because I had anticipated that and allowed enough insulin for it.  And Seth was really excited when he got to have 6 of the mini cream puffs for desert.  6 equaled 15 carbs.  AND bonus, when bedtime came around, Seth was low, he got to eat a few more.  Take THAT D!

The next morning, I made a nice pot of homemade rolled oats for breakfast and helped Seth figure out the proper dosing for that.  He also had a nice thick piece of ham with it, so he would have some protein.  Again, I heard it and AGAIN I explained.

When dinner came around and it was time to eat our pork roast with mashed potatoes and gravy...Seth was again given the lecture, this time it was thrown in that he needs to just learn to not eat sugar or carbs so he can be healthy and live longer.  I had HAD it at that point.

I understand that the family is concerned about Seth and that they love him and want him to live a long and healthy life and so I get that these comments were coming from fear.  Mark and I are working hard so that Seth doesn't feel different.  We are not going to sit there and eat something in front of Seth that he cannot eat.  That would be mean and unfair.

Sigh...I thought I had done a good job of explaining and educating our family about D.  I need to do more...after Walt Disney World.  I guess I won't post any food pics.  :)

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  1. I wonder if they are thinking in terms of type 2 diabetes? Or is it the same for both? My mother-in-laws friend (so ya know she's OLD) has had type 1 since she was a teenager and she eats what she wants, tests and administers insulin accordingly. Like you're doing with Seth.