Thursday, March 1, 2012

I Believe

There are times in life that you come across something that makes you take pause and hug your family closer.  One of the blogs that I love to read and is linked on the Diabetes Blogs I LOVE at the top of my pages is called "Our Diabetic Life".  Meri is the author of this blog and I love her humorous take on life and Diabetes.  Meri is a woman of strength.  She and her husband Ryan have 4 beautiful boys and 3 of their boys ...3... have Type 1 Diabetes.  I.can't.even.imagine. 

Meri shares the nitty gritty of it on her blog, the disappointments and the accomplishments and I connect with the emotions she shares about their D life.

Today, while on lunch, I clicked to her blog to see what she had to share and the title of her post clutched at my heart:  Cancer

I encourage you to click on that word, it will take you to her post.  Her words are heartfelt and powerful and I found myself at my desk with tears running down my face.  Heartbroken at what this family is now facing...on top of what they already face on a daily basis.

This Sunday, they are asking for a miracle.  They are asking for those that would like to do so to pray for their family.  They too will be fasting and praying for a miracle.

A Facebook page for the Schumacher Family has been created that will be updated with progress.



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