Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I just got word that Seth's pump has been approved and shipped out this morning.  It will be here on Friday and we do pump training on Monday!  Woo Hoo.  I am so excited!  Seth is going to be thrilled.

Now Medtronic is submitting to see if insurance will approve a Continuous Glucose Monitoring System...Fingers crossed this next valuable piece of D weaponry will soon be on it's way to us.

Saturday, Seth spent the day with a friend and his dad.  They went bike riding, out to lunch and played at a park.  Easy peasy right?  This was the first time that Seth has gone on his own outside of our safety net since his diagnosis, and I was so proud of how he handled it.  The dad was a champ too.  He listened to all my concerns and my quick training and accepted the challenge.  I kept my cell phone close by and off they went, while hubby and I took the girls to lunch and a movie.  Seth called me once to tell me that they had gone to lunch, he chose deep fried seafood.  He and dad SWAGGED at 30 carbs, so he dosed 2 units.  Since he called me 90 minutes after lunch and was at 115, I'd say he did pretty good.

What I did learn though is...we will be buying another cell phone.  Our rule has always been, no cell phones until driving age (16)...but with this diagnosis I want another cell phone.  It will be called the family cell phone  to eliminate the fight between Seth and Leah, this way if they go ride their bike down the block, if Seth has a problem, Leah can call me...if they don't come home on time, I can call them, etc.  Also,  I can train Seth (and Leah) to call and check in.  I would like to have heard from Seth a little more, like when he was SWAGGING his lunch carbs, etc. so he and I could make the decision.  But overall, I am really proud of the way he handled himself and I am grateful for a parent who wasn't scared of taking my son was has D...even when I handed him a handout on hypoglycemia, and a bag of snacks and showed him how Seth tests himself and gave him a range of numbers with a list of what to do within each range.  He didn't blink, he told me to have a great day.  AWESOME!  And I am sure my son loved being as normal as possible that day...EVEN MORE AWESOME!!!


  1. So, I'd never heard the term swag used in this context. (We use bolus.) I googled it and guess what came up as the 2nd and 3rd results? This blog! After finding sixuntilme's definition I understand much better what your saying. Sounds like they did a good job all the way around.
    PS You may want to use it S.W.A.G because the other way is slang for something Seth isn't doing :)

  2. It's just a silly wild guess...heh heh...Poor Tamera, how on earth did you get saddled with a rebel friend like me? :) Thank heavens you stick with me through all of my imperfections.