Tuesday, November 6, 2012

T1: Risk Factors

  • Risk Factors
  • There aren't many known risk factors for type 1 diabetes, though researchers continue to find new possibilities. Some known risk factors include:
  • ·         A family history. Anyone with a parent or sibling with type 1 diabetes has a slightly increased risk of developing the condition.
  • ·         Genetics. The presence of certain genes indicates an increased risk of developing type 1 diabetes. In some cases — usually through a clinical trial — genetic testing can be done to determine if someone who has a family history of type 1 diabetes is at increased risk of developing the condition.
  • ·         Geography. The incidence of type 1 diabetes tends to increase as you travel away from the equator.
  • ·         Viral exposure.
  • ·         Low vitamin D levels. Research suggests that vitamin D may be protective against type 1 diabetes.



  1. Wow! Just one more reason for those of us in the far North to take Vitamin D supplements.

    1. No kidding huh? You could have knocked me over with a feather when I read that...and I will always wonder.

  2. Personally I think the cause is a genetic risk of the individual set off by environmental triggers, viruses being the chief suspect. At least in our case. We did not even know about a familial link until we dug back a bit and we did find my mother's first cousin was dx'd with Type 1 at 17 We had assumed, wrongly, she had Type 2. The genetic risk could be recessive, skipping a generation, which I also suspect. They are finding out more and more each year. One day we will know the cause. I am more concerned about the cure. I feel the cure is so close I can practically taste it.... and there are many different avenues to the cure; there will be many ways to a cure. I particularly watch Viacite, Sernova, LTC, Scott King (Patient 13); Sarah Ferber, Yang Zhao, Researchers at Naomi Berrie (accidental discovery).... there are more. Fifteen years, maybe 20.... I pray it will happen in 10 but think it may take longer. I know it will happen; just hope it will happen when our DD is still relatively young enough to benefit from it

    1. Great comment, I agree with a lot of this and I too am hopefull for a cure in my sons lifetime.