Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thankful...not a big enough word

I am sitting here completely at a loss for words.  My heart is overflowing and thankful does not even seem to be a big enough word.

As we have gotten deeper into our diabetic world and the world of diabetes advocacy.  I have heard countless stories of people denied the medical supplies they need by their insurance companies to live their life to the fullest while managing their D.  Strangers in offices thousands of miles away look at a patients name and their diagnosis on a piece of paper and decide that they should only NEED to test their blood sugar 1x a day, or X amount of insulin should be enough for the month.  Countless patients and parents spend hundreds of dollars out of their pocked on a monthly basis for necessary medical supplies/medicines that insurance will not cover.  Strangers look at the short term financial output and do not look at the short term AND the long term medical gain of these decisions.

Our family has been incredibly blessed to have an insurance company who is very pro-diabetes.  They have covered 4 different meters for us this year as we have switched to find "the one" that is a good fit for us.  They have covered an insulin pump and all the supplies for it 100% so that Seth can have the best chance at the most normal life he can live.  They completely shocked me when they went against the norm and instead of fighting me and making me prove our need for a Continuous Glucose Monitoring System, they approved it  because they saw the value of having this information in our D arsenal.

Today, they stunned me.  In August I asked Medtronic to check with our insurance company and see if they would cover the MySentry.  It is a monitoring system that communicates with Seth's CGMS system that wirelessly transmits his BG numbers to a screen that sits by my bed, but I can take it with me anywhere in my house.  It will sound an alarm to wake me if he goes low, or goes high.  It will eliminate my need to get up and do middle of the night checks, and I think it will help Seth feel like I am a little less naggy about his numbers because I can look at a screen rather than ask to see his pump.

Medtronic called me today to tell me that my insurance company covered the MySentry 100%.  They will be shipping it out and we will receive it on Wednesday.  Medtronic was excited because this helps them encourage other insurance companies to cover the equipment as well.

Once again I want to say a big ginormous thank you to my insurance company.  They have been incredible and not having to fight for every little thing for Seth's care this year has made this diagnosis, just a titch easier to handle.  We have enough battles to fight.

I hope every single one of you has a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I will be counting my blessings...and looking at the Black Friday ads.  :)


  1. What a wonderful Thanksgiving gift!!! Hooray for insurance companies that care!!

  2. Wow! That is incredible! Hopefully other insurance companies will get on board and realize this saves them money in the long run, as it improves the health of their clients.

  3. What a blessing!! We haven't ever had to fight our insurance for anything, either. I can't imagine the additional stress of having to fight for supplies on top of all of the other D battles we face everyday!