Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Honeymoon's Over

We had Seth's quarterly appointment on Monday.  It was good and bad.  The doctor was all over Seth for his risky behavior.  It was nice to have back up with that.  We even said that if he continues to bolus without testing, we will discuss going back to shots and taking a pump break...he was not happy about that.

The big news is...the Honeymoon is over.

Seth's pancreas is no longer producing any  His insulin needs in the last 4-6 weeks have doubled and I didn't catch what was happening because I have been so tied up emotionally with my mom that it has just exhausted me..I need to let some of that go, because my children need to be my first priority.  Where he was using around 20 units a day, we are now using 40-50.  That explains why I have not been able to get him in range very easily despite making some adjustments to his pump.  We have adjusted it some more and are starting to see better numbers.

The bad news...we got his A1C result.

9.9 means his blood glucose has averaged 237.4 for the last three months.  Hanging head in shame. I was prepared for a bad number...but this shocked me and woke me up that I cannot be on autopilot.  I feel awful.

I guess the good news is we will definately see an improved A1C in January.  :)

Seth wants to join the wrestling squad...we are coming up with a plan for that.  Does anyone have experience keeping the pump site in during wrestling practice/meets that would like to impart some wisdom?



  1. Ok, you know me and you probably know what I'm going to say but I'm going to say it anyway: Stop beating yourself up about this! Move forward from here. You are a great Mother and Daughter!!!

  2. You have a lot on your plate Mom, do not beat yourself up about this. Seth does need to take responsibility for his risky behavior, you can only do so much!