Friday, October 26, 2012

Mitzi Update: 2

In amongst all my crazy...I realized I have neglected to update about Mitzi.

She has come a long way my friends.  She graduated from therapy last week.  We continue to work with her at home as she is still not 100%, but she is walking completely on her own now, no wheelchair.  She has regained control of her body functions (thank heavens) and tell us when she needs to go out, q-tipping her to poo was NO FUN!

She still has residual weakness in her hind legs, the vet is unsure at this time if that is permanent or if she will regain that over time.  Time will tell and we are doing are best to help her.  Daily we can see that she is making progress.  She can now chase her ball, albeit slower than before, do her Mitzi peck and most importantly snuggle with our son unimpeded.  Life is good...and we have much to be thankful for.

Mitzi Before

Take a look at her now, go Mitizi go!

That's Seth's happy face...boys, whadya gonna do?

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