Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kicking it!

If you have stuck with me through all my whines...thank you.  I have put on my big girl panties and we are kicking 2012 back!

Now that we have had more time and a consultation with the doctor, we have discovered that Thyroid Cancer is pretty easy to treat.  Who knew?  And it would have been nice if the doctor would have shared that when he called and dropped the C bomb at 4:45 on a Friday evening and said "lets talk next week about treatment options".  But what do I know?  Maybe he had somewhere to be that was more important than setting our minds at ease.

Turns out they give you a mega dose of thyroid to stop your pituitary gland from producing the hormone that your thyroid normally produces and that the cancer feeds off of. mom takes a pill and it keeps the cancer in check.

She is still in stage 3 (of 5) Kidney Failure.  It is my understanding that:

Stage 4 = Dialysis
Stage 5 = Transplant list

She meets with the doctor next week to see what Stage 3 means and if it is reversible, etc...this scares me more as it is a huge fear of mine for Seth later in his life.

Seth and his diabetes is really what this blog was designed to be about, it evolved a bit, but it always comes back to that.  Because diabetes is not as easy to treat as thyroid cancer.  :)

Seth is in full diabetes rebellion/burn out.

Arguing about testing....check!
Not testing when he's not with me...check!
Lying about his numbers if I don't make him show me the BG screen...check!
Bolusing (giving himself insulin) without testing...check!
Eating without bolusing...check!
Dropping his BG tester that wirelessly transmitted to his pump into the slough...booyah!

BLERGH!!!  The good news is that our insurance has finally seen the light and started covering the strips for my previously purchased Telcare meter...and now that Mr. Smartie has ruined his aforementioned tester that wirelessly transmitted to his pump with slough water, we are again using my beloved Telcare.  I call that a happy natural consequence.  :)

So now there is no lying about numbers or getting away with no testing, because if I don't receive the text with his BG number...he is busted.  I am in LOVE with this meter, it has solved a few of these issues and I am working with Seth on the others while trying my hardest to be empathetic as to what it is like to be in his shoes.

We go in Monday for his quarterly A1C...I fully expect a crummy number.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do to get through to him how serious this is?  I lay awake at night worrying about what this is doing to his body.  I know I am here to be his parent and not his friend, but this is driving a serious wedge between he and I.  D Moms...I could use some advice.  :)  I have my big girl panties on and I am ready to deal.


  1. Really! The slough? I know there's a story in there. I don't have any advice about D but I do know that boys this age don't reason through to the consequence. I can't even count how many times E has been surprised when something I warned him about actually happens. Keep hanging in there.

  2. So glad things are looking better for your mom! Hope the news on the kidney front is good as well.

    Ugh, Seth! I wish I had some magical advice that would help...but I have a very compliant little girl with D. I'm sure in time she will pull the rebellious crap, but for now it's not an issue.
    Maybe hearing the seriousness of his actions (or non-actions) from the Dr would help? Sometimes hearing it not from your mom can make it sink in better.
    LOVE that you can use the Telcare now! I'm sure that will help with the testing!