Friday, April 6, 2012

Insurance must love us

Our oldest daughter, Ashlyn, has been complaining of knee pain since last August.  We had an MRI done when she came home at Christmas, but our Ortho doctor was out of town and unable to see her before she had to return to Utah and then our life got crazy with Seth's diagnosis.  When Ashlyn met us in Florida for our trip, it was obvious that the knee was getting worse and that it needed to be addressed.  Since she is not attending school at this time, we advised her to come home a little earlier than she planned so we could get the knee looked at and decide what needed to be done.

Ashlyn got home last Sunday (yay):

She started her summer job on Monday.  They were able to start her a couple of weeks earlier than planned.  Tuesday we met with the doctor and learned that her kneecap does not slide easily between her thighbone and her calfbone.  It is a genetic thing that is very common in people who are tall and skinny.  She can work on strengthening her quad muscles to try and pull the knee cap more smoothly, but Ashlyn was weightlifting, running, swimming, playing volleyball and basketball when the knee was so painful that she could hardly walk.  The doctor further said that once she stopped strengthening the quad muscle the pain would immediately come back and increase, so we opted for the surgical procedure to release the ligament and allow the kneecap to move more smoothly.  Here's hoping this solves the issue for her.

Life became crazy this week getting ready for this and now caring for her.  We are ready for 2012 to cut us a little slack, medically speaking.  :)

On the pump front, we ordered Seth's pump on Thursday and are now waiting to see if insurance will approve it.  We are hopeful.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend.  Our family is grateful for the sacrifice that was made on our behalf and for the gift that was given to us through Christ's Resurrection.  I love my savior and know that I would not be able to make this journey without him.


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